How to do Your Own Bridal Hair

I can’t tell you how much I miss daily interactions with my wonderful brides and the joy it brought me, but i know I am not alone in such feelings! Currently, under level 5 restrictions us Make Up Artists & Hair Stylists are not allowed at weddings. We are not deemed essential like other services used on the brides wedding day. While some couples have decided to postpone their wedding, others have decided to carry on, shifting their ceremonies online. And now, a day that many brides have dreamed about for years suddenly looks very, very different – especially for those brides who are left figuring out their own wedding hair & makeup. With that in mind, and as I’ve already covered Bridal Makeup in my previous blog, in this weeks blog I’m going to share my tips on DIY Hair Care & DIY Wedding Hair.

Essential DIY Wedding Hairstyle Tips You Need to Know

Treat your locks with love
You want to have your hair in the perfect Goldilocks condition on your wedding day – not too dry, but not overly moisturized, either. This will ensure that it will hold the style you want all day (and night) long. I suggest doing a hair mask the week of your wedding and not overheating or over treating it in the days before. Of course, you know your hair best, so use your judgment!

Watch tutorials
Thank Goodness For Hair Tutorials! How-to guides on bringing your hair from drab to fab have been beauty lovers’ number one way to get gorgeous strands. Thanks to this amazing thing called the Internet, it doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have, you can find a look that’s going to work. The best part is, you can follow them in the comfort of your own home until you’re ready to show off to the world. it’s time to up your styling game!

Ask for help
If you’ve got a hairdresser in your inner circle (or a friend who’s a wizard when it comes to styling) ask them about DIY wedding hairstyles that would suit you. There’s a good chance they’ll be able to help you choose a style that’s perfect for your hair type and length .DIY doesn’t mean you have to do it *completely* yourself! you may need to enlist the helping hands of your bridesmaids or MOH .It can be a total game-changer to have a bridesmaid add some strategically placed pins or help you perfectly place your headpiece or veil.

Practice, practice, practice
Even if you’re confident that you’ll be able to nail your desired DIY wedding hairstyle, you don’t want to try it for the first time on your big day. Give it a few practice runs at home in the weeks leading up to your wedding so that you’ll know exactly what to do, what not to do and what tools and products you’ll need. You’ll likely want to test out styling your hair in various states. Perhaps your hair will hold a better curl if you style your 2nd-day hair, or maybe you have the type of hair that styles best clean and newly blow-dried. Whatever the case, you’ll want to plan some trials to test out your skills and staying power.

Make sure you have the right tools
You won’t be able to get the wedding hairstyle you’re aiming for without the right tools. If you want beachy waves, you’re going to need a solid curling wand or iron at your disposal. It couldn’t be simpler to get salon-quality waves and curls with this unique and easy to use wand allows you to create the most picture-perfect beachy waves, polished curls, or even old-Hollywood style glamorous waves. If you love the look of a sleek, pin-straight pony, you’re going to need a flat iron. Make sure you have one at home or can borrow one from a friend so that you’re not up a creek without a paddle when your wedding day arrives.

Stock up on products
Speaking of having the right tools, you’re also going to need to stock up on a few hair products. Make sure you know what sorts of products you’ll need to prep and protect your hairstyle all day. There are many variable factors involved in choosing the proper products: the weather and climate in the area you’ll be getting married, your hair type and texture, whether you’re getting married indoors or outside, and the length of your celebration. For volume, try a mousse like on damp hair before your blowout. Things like dry shampoo, hairspray, and pomade can come in handy for creating texture. You can tame flyway’s with a light coconut oil keeping your locks in check from dawn ‘til dusk. Finally, make sure to set your style with a finishing hairspray to keep it looking fab all day!

How to do Your Own Bridal Hair

The best option when it comes to doing your own hair for the wedding is to keep it simple. Stressing yourself out over something fancy that may end up flopping is just not worth it. Consider allowing your accessories to feature instead of the hairstyle.

Easy Wedding Hairstyles
These easy wedding hairstyles can be completed with just a few tools and minutes of your time.

1. Soft Waves
For this look, simply take any size hair curler and section off your hair. Take small pieces of your hair and wrap it around the curler. Hold the hair wrapped around the curler for 7-12 seconds. Make sure you leave about an inch of the ends out to create the soft waves. You can either curl your entire head or just do a few sections for an effortless look. Once the curls have set for a few minutes, brush them out with your fingers, add a texturizing spray, and lock them in with hairspray.

2. Sleek and Straight
Who says you can’t wear your hair straight for your wedding? The sleek, straight look is very in this year, and it’s effortless to accomplish during the COVID-19 pandemic. First and foremost, for this look, you have to wash your hair so it’s clean, soft, and manageable. Once it’s washed, either blowdry it or let it air dry and then apply a heat protection spray. Set the flat iron to the appropriate temperature for your hair type, apply the flat iron to small sections of hair, and pull down along the 1” – 2” strand. If it’s not completely smooth the first time, pull the flat iron through again. To tame your flyaways, you can use styling products to maximize the sleek wedding hairstyle. . If you don’t have a good flatiron then I suggest you borrow one from someone who does (who can say “no” to the bride-to -be?) and practice straightening your hair at least once before the big day.

3. Add Accessories
The easiest way to spice up your wedding hair is by adding accessories. You can use beautiful headbands to tame your hair but also to add something special to your look. Choose a white, bedazzled headband for an elegant look. A pretty clip, tiara or even your veil can serve as the main focal point. For a bohemian style, add flowers to your hair or even a floral crown. With the extra time on your hands due to the coronavirus crisis, create your own flower crown for your wedding hair. These types of accessory can work for pretty much any style of hair.

Again Ladies I’m here to help ❤, you can get in touch with any questions you have ,or if you prefer a one to one on one virtual lesson which allows for complete customization & personalized attention with complete focus on hair or makeup, I now offer “virtual wedding day hair & make up” for all weddings affected by Coronavirus.

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